3 reasons why Grace Berger is a 2023 first-round pick

When the dummy drafts first come out, many fans and the media have the same tendency every year to stick to the players mentioned at the top and never reconsider what other prospects they can overtake as the season progresses. If 13th-ranked Indiana’s win over No. 11 Tennessee last night showed WNBA fans anything, it’s that five-year-old Grace Berger could get the same treatment.

Berger, who was selected three times for the All-Big Ten First Team, is one of the most consistent players in college basketball. She does a little bit of everything and has a chance of stealing in the 2023 draft if teams let her fall. Here are three reasons why it should be considered a first-round pick in next year’s WNBA Draft.

It’s a middle-class elite sniper

People may argue that mid-range bullet death is looming, but Berger has the most beautiful shots in that region of Earth. She doesn’t shoot many triples (never averaged more than a 2.0 3PA per game in four seasons) but Berger tackles the game so high that she burns teams as a coach who can find her teammates or get up against defenders who give her the tiniest light. the day.

While finishing at the edge would be a challenge for any mod player from college to pro, Berger Scored 1,297 points per possession from that region of the earth. She uses her strength to make her way to paint that can translate to the next level.

Berger will have to become an even more peripheral threat if she is to thrive as a productive WNBA player. She has the ball in her hands with this current iteration of the Hoosiers but she has experience being a productive player with plenty of talent on the ground. Berger’s prowess around the basket and in pick-and-roll should get the teams excited at the bottom of the first round.

She is a qualified high school football player

As noted in the previous section, Berger begins with several plays of Hoosiers’ crime. Given her skill set, she will most likely be used as a recorder off the bench to start her career. This will force her off the ball. However, that might be a good thing for Berger, who currently has a turnover of 2.7 per game. If Berger was tasked with making simpler readings and keeping the ball moving, she would have proven that she could do that (Teri Moren’s system was built around that).

Berger currently averages 5.7 passes per game and is someone who can attack. What you could do for teams looking to play in a strong backyard in Unit Two is something that doesn’t deserve to pass in April. A team like the Minnesota Lynx, who has the last pick in the first round, would benefit from having a player like Berger who can keep the ship steady while the rookies rest.

The team that crafts it knows what they’re going to get

2023 WNBA Project It is considered one of the highest weight. There are a lot of players who will need time to develop and refine various parts of their games.

Not a burger.

The Fifth Year Protector is someone who has settled on what you will be like as a professional gamer. It is the ultimate floor lifter at the end of the first round or above the second round. Players in this range usually don’t get enough time on the ground to develop into the players they can be. Berger will likely have to extend her range on the outside but she won’t get lost in defense and her mid-range shot will be a WNBA ready skill.

Berger wouldn’t be a superstar in the league, but if teams only hired stellar talent, they’d miss out on what goes into roster building. Players like Berger are often overlooked, and it’s wise to bet an organization on the consistency they’ve come out with year after year.

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