2023 NBA Mock Draft: Upcoming Show Shows Top Two Predictions | News, results, highlights, stats and rumours

Dillon Mitchell, Texas and Kleil Ware, Oregon Steve Chambers / Getty Images

15. Los Angeles Lakers: Derek Lively (Duke, C, student)

Translatable finishing and edge protection should get a top 20 interested in Lively, though more flashes of post-scoring and a touchdown shot could push him closer to the top ten range.

16. Atlanta Hawks: Dillon Mitchell (Texas, BF, student)

Mitchell deals with special speed and jumping for finishing, misses, transitions, and defensive playmaking. Improving his grip and shot will be a long-term priority, but over the next few years he will be appreciated for his off-ball production and low-use impact.

17. Toronto Raptors: Kel’el Ware (Oregon, C, freshman)

Ware’s activity and ending and stopping shots will make the most noise, while ball skill flashes and shots will hint at more scoring versatility to unlock the long run.

18. Indiana Pacers (via Cavaliers): Anthony Black (Arkansas, SG, student)

NBA teams will view Black as a 6’7″ interchangeable goalkeeper or winger, due to his unique playmaking intelligence, defensive speed and anticipation. He appears competent enough as a captain that should earn him an invitation to the 2023 Green Room.

19. Utah Jazz (via Timberwolves): Papa Miller (Florida State, San Francisco, student)

Scouts will show patience with Miller, a 6’11-inch winger and 18-year-old who will present self-created flashes of fire. Inconsistent production should be expected, given Florida’s history of ball-sharing, its deep spin and the freshman student. Raw offensive game. But the size of the site, ocean skills and age create alluring potential.

20 – New York Knicks (via Mavericks): Maxwell Lewis (Pepperdine, SG, Sophomore)

Lewis’ breakout season should attract the attention of an NBA scout with his 6’7 wing size, flashes of self-creation, clear shot-making skill and fitness for finishing and defensive play making. Aside from two games against Gonzaga, November 23 vs UCLA represents a prime opportunity for Lewis to check out last year’s flashes.

21 – Memphis Grizzlies: Nikola Djuricic (Mega, SG/SF, 2004)

Scouts got an interesting look in September at Djuricic who scored 24 points and six assists against Elite’s Thompson twins in overtime. Playing as Mega’s signature weapon, the 6’8-inch Serban winger should stay in the first-round discussion all season long while displaying a valuable blend of shooting and passing IQ.

22- Miami Heat: Julian Phillips (Tennessee, San Francisco, student)

Phillips should capture the attention of scouts with his shooting versatility and reasonable stroke for a 6’8″ winger. It would seem more appropriate to score him off the ball than the player NBA teams see make or make play.

23. Charlotte Hornets (via Nuggets): Leonard Miller (G League Ignite, SF/PF, 2003)

With a full 50-game schedule in the G League, Miller should have enough opportunity and freedom to continue building on the guarding skills that make a 6’11” forward group a first-round candidate.

24. Brooklyn Nets (via 76ers): Grady Dick (Kansas, SG/San Francisco, student)

The 6’8″ spot size, convincing shooting and two-way wits should get you in on the action. It won’t show much creativity in KS, but for the NBA it checks out a proper set of chests with translatable strengths like the shot-making and decision making.

25. Utah Jazz (via Nets): JJ Starling (Notre Dame, Saint-Germain, student)

Starling will play a special role to showcase his scoring potential, which is underpinned by a combination of attack and self-creating shooting sports.

26. Los Angeles Clippers: Jalen Hood-Schifino (Indiana, PG/SG, freshman)

NIBC assistant captain Hood-Schifino can build an NBA case around the gaming industry’s IQ and a 6’6-inch, 215-pound tire designed for drive-through. His three-point shot could take longer, though it would illuminate more scoring potential by separating into mid-range crossovers and using floats.

27. Golden State Warriors: Julian Strother (Gonzaga, San Francisco, Jr.)

At 6’7″, Struther flashes the right tools, skill set, and aptitude for the NBA basketball wing, especially with his off-screen shots and cuts. But he’ll also see a huge jump in usage and build reps, which should allow him to expand his game and raise his value on the ball and his inventory. .

28. Phoenix Suns: Arthur Caluma (Creighton, SF/PF, Sophomore)

Better shooting and more points in self-creation should cause Kaluma’s NBA fanfare. A reasonable triple-hit and confidence (4.9 attempts per 40) indicate that he is ready to take a step forward towards building his professional 3D image.

29. Houston Rockets (via Bucks): Kyle Filipovsky (Duke, BF, Student)

Filipowski’s ball-handling and shot-making skill at 6’11” can help a Scout push his athletic and defensive limits. He’ll play a big role alongside Dereck Lively at Duke, giving Scouts a good opportunity to assess his attacking and footing speed against attackers.

30. Indiana Pacers (via Celtics): Johan Traore (Auburn, PF/C, freshman)

Traore’s physical tools for finishing and translatable recoil, combined with the true shooting touch, should produce freshmen and interest in the NBA.

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