155 North Wacker in Chicago has announced SmartScore Platinum certification with help from Cohesion Smart Building Technology

ChicagoAnd the November 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 155 North Wacker announces its SmartScore Platinum certification – the highest level of this global standard WiredScore. This achievement ensures that the building is set up to meet the expectations of today’s tenants and is future-proofed to implement the user stories of tomorrow.

“The real estate industry is in a transformative state and those who see opportunities are outperforming the competition.”

This is the second building you manage John Buck Corporation (JBC) to earn this distinction. they Chicago The company’s headquarters, 151 North Franklin, made history as the first building in the North Amarica To achieve the highest score in both Wired and SmartScore Platinum in 2021.

“155 North Wacker is a 13-year-old building that could outperform and stand out among any new development in the city,” he said. Nick CovelloJBC Chief Information Officer. “This building is a true demonstration of our commitment to quality and craftsmanship in creating the smartest, most sustainable, safe, healthy and most connected buildings. It is a true embodiment of John Buck’s corporate vision.”

JBC and teams teamed up at 155th North Wacker (155th) and 151st North Franklin (151st) ChicagoThe original, WiredScore Certified solutionAnd the hang in thereTo ensure that these important certificates are obtained and tracked as easily and effectively as possible.

“Coherence is the only SaaS platform that builds long-term resilience through data-driven improvements to both human and systemic actions.” by ShivakumarCEO and co-founder of Cohesion. “The real estate industry is in a transformative state and those owners and operators who see opportunities rather than challenges are shining ahead and outperforming the competition through data and ESG strategies.”

Cohesion provides the latest smart building technology that simplifies digital operations It provides parking only to the office Touchless access control An experience within a single mobile keycard. With the industry’s largest library of certified integrations, the technology aggregates and contextualizes construction data into a unified cloud-based platform, resulting in invaluable construction. Data and insights Safe and available only to authorized personnel. The program is designed to be Technology neutral And customizable with any third-party building system, sensors, and IoT, with the unique ability to scale across portfolios.

SmartScore is the cutting-edge technology champion in real estate savings global standard. It identifies best-in-class smart buildings that deliver exceptional user experience, increase cost efficiency, meet high standards of sustainability, and are fully future-proofed. Certification provides clarity on what constitutes a smart building, guidance on how to achieve status, and proof of the value you add to your assets and ESG liabilities. By choosing technology that will never become obsolete, SmartScore helps avoid continually expensive retrofits.

For decades, JBC has been integrating ESG Principles in all its operations to develop buildings, neighborhoods and surrounding communities by investing in performance architecture and technology that supports and attracts tenants while adapting easily to environmental and technological changes. Cohesion is the only smart building technology that comprehensively integrates ESG data for each building into an automation ESG reports For independent assets of entire portfolios. Both buildings (151 and 155) receive these reports to make ESG data collection, reporting and disclosure simple and easy.

“ESG is a commitment to making a positive impact on the planet and an even greater positive impact on our people,” said Shivakumar. “Doing so in a way that is sustainable and measurable improves business results and increases asset value.”

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