10 ways Queen Elizabeth affected the planet

On September 8, Queen Elizabeth II’s reign as longest-reigning monarch came to an end as her death was announced. While her death was tragic, she did many amazing things for the planet and animals that set an example of what it means to be an Earth-conscious person.

Queen Elizabeth is famous for her closeness to animals. Since her family got their first corgi in 1933, she’s fallen in love with dogs. I’ve owned more than one since then. At the age of 18, she was given a corgi, Susan. Since then, she has always had a canine companion, at one point she had eleven dogs! She has been quoted as saying, “Corgis are family.” But her love for animals did not end there. She had a far-reaching affection for horses, grooming and caring for them when she was a young teenager. In addition, she was the guardian of several animals at the London Zoo. This list included a giant tortoise, an elephant, a sloth, and a jaguar!

As an advocate for the planet, Queen Elizabeth often spoke out against those who did not work for a better Earth. She has been a patron of several sustainable non-profit organizations and has personally managed her life in an environmentally friendly manner. Also, she has constantly worked for the betterment of the planet through her own personal actions and those that she has taken as a global leader. To honor her life and contributions, we’ve compiled a list of ten ways to care for animals and the planet.

10 things the Queen did to animals and the planet

1. Energy saving (in the palace and beyond)

The royal family owns more than 20 properties. But they make sure that each works efficiently to reduce your carbon footprint. They use everything they can to have a low impact on the environment, including smart screens that track their consumption. In addition, all of the Royal’s facilities have combined heat and power to ensure they operate efficiently. In addition, their combined use of heat and energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions and their attachment to the national grid.

2. Tree Advocate

In 2018, the Queen appeared in a short documentary, co-starring with David Attenborough, called “The Queen’s Green Planet”. Here I spoke frankly about the importance of saving forests. She actively promoted forest conservation and spoke out to stimulate action against deforestation. Also, Queen Elizabeth started “The Queen’s Green Canopy Project” as a unique tree-planting initiative to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee in 2022.

3. The lightness of her own habits

Growing up during wars, environmental awareness was Queen Elizabeth’s second nature. As a result, her diet consisted of local products with less food miles. Also, it has been known to reuse wrapping paper, keep furniture for decades, and re-wear, all of which has reduced its consumption.

4. stop wearing fur

Unlike many other members of the royal family, the Queen condemned the use of fur. In 2019, it was announced that she would no longer wear it. That year, searches for faux fur products increased 52 percent.

5. Speak out against world leaders

Another way Queen Elizabeth has helped the planet is by speaking out against other world leaders by saying, “It’s really annoying when they talk, but they don’t.” In 2021, the UK will host the Climate Summit. He heard the Queen criticize others for their inaction on climate change. Later, in her speech, she spoke out against those who had all spoken.

6. 850,000 acres of crown land was reclaimed

Queen Elizabeth loved nature and took it upon herself to lead the restoration of hundreds of thousands of acres of royal land. This reversed the damage and provided greater environmental recovery. Much of this was done on her own estate.

7. animal health fund

Given her love for dogs, it’s no surprise that Queen Elizabeth takes a keen interest in making sure the animals are healthy. In 1991, she assumed the position of head of the organization. AHT has been creating lifesaving and life-enhancing treatments for dogs, cats and horses since 1942.

8. Battersea house for dogs and cats

This non-profit organization cares for more than eight thousand animals annually. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Queen Elizabeth became the patron in 1956, raising awareness of the cause.


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is the oldest and largest animal welfare organization in the world. The Queen invited and was a patron of this organization for decades.

10. Patron of many environmental charities

The royal family is known to take care of the causes most closely associated with it. Queen Elizabeth II, prior to her death, was a patron of several environmental non-profit organizations. These include:

  • Norfolk Wildlife Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated to nature conservation.
  • The Royal Forestry Society has spent 140 years dedicated to forest management and education.
  • The Campaign to Protect Rural England is an organization focused on creating a beautiful and prosperous countryside.
  • The Linnean Society of London focuses on educating and informing the public about the sciences of nature, environmental impact and animals.

Queen Elizabeth loved the planet and animals dearly. She called them whenever possible. She has constantly worked towards creating a better environment that focuses on conservation and sustainability. However, she was a complex woman who also had controversies in the field of animal care. She loved horse racing and kept birds in the attic for some time. But these measures do not erase the positive impact they have had on the planet and animals. As a mentor to many, she encouraged others to follow in her footsteps and care for the environment. In her honor, you can enjoy nature, pick up trash, or do any number of things to help the planet or animals today.

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