WNBA teams will play a standard 40-game schedule in 2023

NEW YORK — The league announced Wednesday that WNBA teams will play a standard 40-game schedule during the 2023 season, which begins May 19. All 12 teams will play games during opening weekend, including the Sparks and new coach Kurt Miller hosting the Phoenix Mercury as one of four games on Opening Night. The regular … Read more

NASCAR Great Bodine is part of the USABS Hall of Fame Induction | News, sports, jobs

From left, pilots Steve Holcomb, Kurt Tomasevic, Jeff Bowden, Justin Olsen, and Steve Meisler stand after winning the 2010 Olympic gold medal in bobsleigh four-man bobsleigh that Holcomb nicknamed the “Night Train.” The late driver returned four years later to take home an Olympic silver in another bo-dean bobsleigh dubbed “Night Train 2”. (Photo provided … Read more

Mysterious planet X beyond Pluto in our solar system? Check out the cool fact

For years, scientists have believed in the existence of Planet X, or Planet Nine, beyond Pluto. Here it is. Until about the eighteenth century, we only knew about the existence of six planets in our solar system. Anything far from Saturn was too far away to see with the naked eye or a basic telescope. … Read more

Researchers demonstrate light-induced motion in a non-liquid environment and report a new type of fluid-like motion

Experimental observations of Sb2t3 The pad moves spirally around the microfiber. (A) Schematic of the experimental setup performed in a vacuum chamber. VOA, variable optical attenuator; FC, fiber coupler; MF, microfiber; and PM, the power meter. (b) Time-sequence of SEM images of Sb2t3 The plate moves around the microfiber when the average power of the … Read more

Switzerland: New human genetic testing law and related decrees

Briefly On December 1, 2022, the new Human Genetic Testing Act (HGTA) in Switzerland will come into force. The new HGTA provides a comprehensive legal framework for all types of genetic testing (including direct-to-consumer genetic testing and lifestyle genetic testing) and implements stronger measures to protect privacy rights, prevent misuse of genetic data, and ensure … Read more

When should a wildlife sighting be reported or encountered? – St. George News

The Utah Department of Wildlife Resources advises the public when to report a wildlife encounter or sighting, location and date unspecified | Image courtesy DWR, St. George News Street. George – Utah’s growing population and associated expansion has increased the number of wildlife encounters across the state in recent years. However, not every encounter or … Read more

Students and alumni are suing Yale alleging discrimination against students with mental illnesses

Karen Lin, Senior Photographer Content warning: This article contains references to suicide. *** The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a hotline for individuals in crisis or for those looking to help another person. To speak with a certified listener, call 1-800-273-8255. Crisis Text Line is an emotional crisis support text message service. To speak with … Read more

Prenatal intervention benefits maternal mental health up to eight years thereafter

A new study at the University of California, San Francisco, found that a low-cost prenatal intervention benefits mothers’ mental health up to eight years. In the study, one of the first to look at the findings so far in the future, pregnant women who participated in a group wellness class that met weekly for eight … Read more

Study: ‘Green’ Mediterranean Diet Burns Fat Faster

distance The “green” Mediterranean diet A new study shows that burning fat is 3 times faster than normal healthy eating. Research published in BMC Medicine The journal found that eating a plant-based Mediterranean diet allows the body to burn a dangerous type of body fat three times faster than those who eat a “healthy” diet … Read more